Our Beaches

Close to Oia


Baxedes is one of the most secluded beaches in Oia, in the northern part of the island, 2 km from Oia, and 11km from Fira, an ideal place for all those who hate overcrowded beaches. This beach is certainly not listed among the youngsters’ favourites. Nevertheless, it attracts families with children and surfers due to the strong northern winds. The beach is not organized.


Koloumpos is one of the most beautiful beaches in the northern part of the island, very close to Baxedes, approximately 4 km from Oia, it appeals to those who look for something more than a cosmopolitan or world famous beach. It’s surrounded by a huge rock, which you will have to cross in order to reach the beach. But you will discover that it’s well worth the trouble! The rock provides shade from the sun and the waters are warm, since the area hosts the most active underwater crater on the island.


Katharos in the northwestern part of the island is the closest beach to Oia, making it the ideal choice for those who stay there and don’t want to go too far for a swim. To reach it, you must follow the road to Ammoudi, where you will find a sign that tells you to turn right to Katharos. The stars of this beach are the black pebble and the tall cliffs.

Around the island

Exo Gialos

The organized beach of Exo Gialos maybe very close to Fira (just 2 km away), but it does not attract the large crowds because it is tiny.


Avis is a quiet beach near Kamari with a few loungers and black sand. For the record, it owes its name to the tomato factory operating in the area. There are some restaurants nearby, but we suggest you prefer Kamari’s excellent dining choices.


Kamari village and beach are situated approximately 17 km from Oia and 10 km from Fira. This is one of the island’s most organized and fit for families’ beaches. You can come here either by car or by bus and spend a whole day.

Mesa Pigadia

Mesa Pigadia is a quiet beach on the way to Faros (lighthouse), with crystal clear waterblack pebbles and a few loungers. You can get there only by boat or on foot and therefore the beach retains its calmness and denounces all the cosmopolitan traits. On its plus side is the fact that it’s not affected by the north winds. You should make provisions for drinking water ahead of your visit here.


The nearby beach Kampia is also worth a visit if you like Mesa Pigadia. The beach is organized and ideal both for families and those who want to relax, since here you will find several lounge corners, as well as a number of beach bar-restaurants, the best of them being the new entry Sea Side by Notos and Cafe del Mar e Sol.


It will surely become your favourite if you do not like crowds. Within walking distance from MegalochoriPlaka is definitely Santorini’s most secluded and quiet beach. You can reach it only on foot, but it’s worth it!

Red Beach

The Red Beach is Santorini’s most impressive and most photographed beach. You can come here either byboat from Akrotiri (routes every 30 minutes) or on foot following the path from the church of Agios Nikolaos in Akrotiri. You will certainly be taken by its beauty! Here everything is painted red, from the huge rocks that surround it, to the sand and the pebbles. The water is crystal clear and the landscape mysterious.

White Beach 

The White Beach along with the Red Beach next to it are the island’s most popular hangouts. You can reach it by following the road from Fira to Akrotiri and it will captivate you with its rare beauty. The only way to get here is by boat from the Red Beach or Perissa. Relatively small, with blacksand and pebbles, the White Beach is surrounded by the characteristic white cliffs, from which it took its name. It has a few loungers and umbrellas, but shouldn’t forget to bring with you drinking water. 


Perissa, one of the island’s liveliest beaches, is located about 40 minutes away from Oia. To get there, you will have to take the road that lead to Emporio and not turn towards Perivolos. It is ideal for every target group, but especially for the action loving types, since it offers an abundance of choices for water sports. Perissa’s main advantage is that it’s not particularly affected by the winds. Here you will also find the island’s only water park. The beach is well organised and you will have many alternatives in terms of beach bar-restaurants.

Perivolos – Agios Georgios

Perivolos with its distinctive black sand and crystal clear waters is one of Santorini’s most famous and cosmopolitan beaches, located between Agios Georgios and Perissa. To get there, just follow the road from Emporio to Agios Georgios. Perivolos has a lifeguard, but it’s better to avoid it when south winds are blowing.


Vlychada, located 22 km south of Oia and 13 klm from Fira towards Akrotiri, is for sure one of the island’s most spectacular beaches. The landscape with volcanic white rocks and black sand is lunar and mysterious, but the howling crowds tend to avoid it, because it is not accessible by bus. Here you will find comfortable loungers and a cool beach bar called Theros.