The island of Santorini is probably the most intriguing island of Greece, full of stunning sunsets and scenery, white, red and black sand beaches, impressive traditional houses, balconies with view to the Caldera and extensive night life. All the above, along with the myth of the Lost Atlantis justify the determination of its visitors to get to know this wonderful island.

Oia is a surprisingly large town with just one street running along the entire length of the town . It has two sets of cliff-side stairways descending all the way down to the bays of Ammouda and Armeni as well as a cliff path which runs down to the tiny port of Armenaki.  At Oia you get the best sunsets and is an excellent town for strolling around and shopping. The main street  bursts with tourists and is filled with souvenir , coffee  shops , restaurants ready to embrace you with their Greek hospitality.

Tourism is the main occupation in Santorini today. In the summer, visitors swamp the island, for its picturesque sunsets, colorful beaches and extensive nightlife